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About Pam Coronado
# Pamela Coronado has been involved in psi criminal work since 1996 when a dream provided her with the information needed to help a search party locate a missing woman in California. That dream and amazing chain of events that followed changed her life forever. "It was the day that Sherri's parents threw their arms around me and thanked me for helping locate their daughter that I knew I had finally found my life's work." says Pam. That passion remains.

For the past 15 years, Pam has been actively involved in helping to solve local and regional crimes and mysteries that had become very frustrating for search parties and law enforcement. She has consulted as a psychic detective to local, state, federal, international and private agencies. Pam uses clairvoyance and psychometry to gain "insight" into a crime or missing person case. By holding objects worn or loved by the victim, Pam can "tune in" to the person and learn of their current physical state and clues about their location.

While no psychic investigator can claim 100% accuracy or provide all of the answers, Pam's work has proven to be astonishingly accurate and helpful on numerous occasions. She insists that psychics are investigative tools and should work as part of the investigative team. She strives to give useful and specific information and believes that crimes are all ultimately solved by solid police work.
Training and Study
Pam trained and studied under two highly respected mentors, Bevy Jeagers and Alan Vaughan before they both passed in 2001.  Bevy, author of The Psychic Paradigm and founder of the St Louis based, US PSI Squad, taught Pam how to observe and report what she sees in a systematic and controlled manner.  Bevy, the daughter of a cop with brothers in law enforcement understood and taught what types of information would be most useful to an investigation.  This no-nonsense and practical approach has made Pam a highly sought after psychic detective.  Bevy encouraged Pam to obtain her own private investigator's license, which she did and held for seven years in the state of Arizona. 

Alan Vaughan, author of several classics, including Dream Telepathy, Patterns of Prophecy, and Incredible Coincidences helped Pam to understand and harness the nightmares that were plaguing her.  After studying parapsychology for some 30 years, Alan had a deep understanding of how the subconscious and conscious minds communicate and taught her how to strengthen this connection, working with dreams in a far less frightening manner. Pam considers the past 15 years as continual training, allowing her to keep learning and improving her ability to give high quality information to law enforcement.  "It's not enough to have my information line up after the fact" she notes "I strive to give information that makes a difference in the investigation."

In 2011, Pam completed advanced training in controlled remote viewing with Lyn Buchanan and Lori Williams. She occasionally works as an operational remote viewer adhering to CRV structure.

In 2000 Alan Vaughan asked Pam to participate with him in a documentary project for New Line Cinemas.   When Vaughan fell terminally ill, Pam was asked to do the project without her much loved and respected mentor.  She did so, in his honor, despite her embarrassment at being labeled "a psychic" and her intensely private nature.  In September 2001 New Line Cinemas released the fascinating and intimate look into Pam's life as a mother and developing psychic detective in a documentary extra feature, "Premonitions" for the Final Destination DVD.

#Pam's work later caught the attention of the Sci Fi channel who wanted to put her to the test, live, on camera.  Again wanting to make her parapsychologist mentor proud, she rose to the challenge and earned a 90% accuracy rating from a skeptical detective on Sci Fi's Proof Positive.  This rating was based on her answers to 50 questions about a complex crime that had already been solved, allowing the detective to grade her responses.  In 2006 Pam was hired to work on the Discovery Channel's Sensing Murder. She filmed 11 episodes of Sensing Murder which can now be seen on Netflix or purchased through Amazon.

Teaching Others

Pam now teaches others who are interested in this field how to control, strengthen and readily access their own intuition.  Pam feels it's important for would be psychic detectives to understand their own process, avoid crucial mistakes and have control before attempting to work with law enforcement.  Being a consistent and useful psychic detective involves a skill set, not just a gift.  For class information visit the Classes Page.
"What They Say About Pam"
"Pam is resplendently focused and has established, with this author-criminologist, that her intuitive responses have a prevailing accuracy.  I have witnessed Pam convert even the toughest of skeptics.  While doing research and testing on many psychics for our book, I quickly ascertained that Pam is "special" and we deem her one of the best psychic detectives in North America." 
Richard Brennan, Consulting Criminologist and co-author "Psychic
Criminology: A Guide For Using Psychics In Investigations"

(Charles C. Thomas Publishers, Ltd.)
"I have had the opportunity to work with Pam on several cases.  I find the accuracy in her visions to be remarkable. Pam describes a landmark she sees intuitively, and when I find it, I am amazed at the vivid resemblance of the description to the actual landmark.  I am always astonished with her abilities!  Pam is conscientious, tenacious, and accomplished.  She assures cases are conducted with the utmost respect for the victim and the family she is assisting.  Pam is a true humanitarian."   Vicki Martin.  Investigator, Project Search for Hope.
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